Property Condition Assessments (PCA) Comply with ASTM 2018-15

Property Condition Assessment is an evaluation of the physical aspects of commercial real estate and how the existing condition may affect the soundness of the clients (lender/owner/investor) financial decisions over time. Construction Insight will also provide an evaluation of deferred maintenance as well as tables for expected capital expenses for the specified term.

Construction Loan Administration – Pre-Construction Plan / Document Review – Progress Inspection and Reporting

Prior to loan closure, a comprehensive review of construction documents provides a means of validation and risk reduction for the lender that the project is accurately estimated and can be constructed within the proposed budget and schedule. Construction Insight will review construction drawings, specifications, budget cost review, contractor qualifications, construction schedule, geotechnical reports, environmental phase I Assessment, utility verification letters and zoning & permitting requirements.

Construction Insight performs periodic site inspections of ongoing construction projects to ensure each project complies with the loan documents and project specifications. As part of the site inspection process, we also evaluate construction progress and certify that development has been achieved to the point indicated on the Application for Payment issued by the general contractor.

Our comprehensive reports provide the lender with a clear understanding of the construction project’s progress.  The reports can then be used by lenders to assist in the administration of disbursing funds from the construction loan with confidence. All our reports can be customized to suit specific needs.

Asset Review / Reporting for Long Range Capital Planning for Lenders, Owners, Property Managers, Condominium Associations, Properties in Receivership

  • Quality Assurance & Field Inspections
  • Review of Monthly Draw Requests & Requisitions
  • Assessment of Ten-Year Capital Expenditure Needs
  • Receivership Property Analysis & Inspection
  • Reserve Replacement Analysis
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assessment
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, and Architectural Evaluations
  • Overview of Asset Development for Lenders & Joint Venture Partners
  • Assessment of Budgets/Proformas
  • Review of Design Documentation
  • Opinion on Viability of Real Estate Strategy
  • Cost Estimates for Remedial or Incomplete Work
  • Review and Negotiation of Contract Changes

Project Management Services –  Owner / Third Party Representation

  • Project Management of New Construction or Renovation/Rehabilitation
  • Owner’s Representative Services
  • Funding Application Support/Review
  • Value Engineering/Design Review
  • Permit Expediting & Site Approvals
  • Procurement/Contract Support
  • Field Inspection/Overview
  • Estimating & Change Negotiations
  • Critical Path Method Scheduling
  • Support Compilation of Contract Form

Expert Witness Services / Personal Injury 

  • Construction Claim Analysis and Support
  • Dispute Prevention and Analysis
  • Construction Dispute Support
  • Introduce dispute prevention techniques
  • Provide independent expert assessment of reasonableness & prudence of dispute
  • Review case documents & provide initial assessment
  • Offer expert testimony
  • Assess opposition’s expert opinion
  • Courtroom/case technical support to attorneys
  • Compile damages, delay costs, etc.
  • Provide documentation tracking system
  • Provide demonstrative exhibits/graphics
  • Provide expert witness opinion on safety responsibility and other injury-related construction matters